This is a gracious letter of thanks


                                      This Is A Gracious Letter Of Thanks


Due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus in China on 20th,January,2020.

The Chinese government is afraid impact of the new coronavirus, it is stipulated that factories and shipping company cannot start work early,

and stipulated that postpone the china new year holiday to the end of February.

All company will start working on the end of February.


Based on the reason,This will definitely affect the package arrange and transportation of each customers

We write Email to every customer and inform them,Because we are honest seller ,

We are very sorry for this sudden public safety and health incident.

Of course We got all customer response,and got the trust and understanding and support of all customers.

Now, All packages have begun to be transported one after another.


We obviously have not forgotten their help

We should like to thank for these customer :

No.9703    Ki ***         United States

No.9727    Lisa ***       United States 

No.9759    Isabel ***     Spain

No.9792    john ***       United States

No.9685    Brigitte ***     France

No.9712    Chris ***       United States

No.9755    IRENE ***      Italy

No.9761    Leigh ***       United States

No.9826    joshua ***      United States 

No.9830    Heather ***     United States

No.0357    Guilherme ***   Italy     

No.9709    Donna ***       Australia

No.9722    Gwendolybn ***  United States  

No.9723    Gessilda ***     Australia

No.9731    Kendra         United States

No.9743    Lisa ***         United States

No.9752    Martin ***       Netherlands

No.9765    Nuri ***         United States

No.9771    Dario ***        Canada

No.9799    Ian ***          United States

No.0355    Brenda ***      United States

No.0358    Lorrie ***        United States

No.9820    Tashunda ***    United States

No.9835    angela ***       United States        

No.9729    Jessica ***      Germany

No.9739    CHERYL ***     United States   

No.9770    Evelyn ***       United States

No.9806    Elisa ***         Italy

No.9809    latonia ***       United States

No.9822    Montse ***       United States

No.0349    Steven ***       United States 

No.0350    Amanda ***      United States 

No.0354    Sarah ***        United Kingdom

No.9837    Gina ***         United States

No.9760    yeranik ***       United States

As a token of our gratitude and respect,we will support special discount to every help us customer .


I must say I really appreciate all customer love ,understanding and support up to us in this point.

We also praised for every customer who had helped us.

Thanks each customer to give us sincere and the generous help.


We also thank for unpaid customer.

We are sorry for your inconvenience and thanks for your comprehension.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement.

Best regards!